What To Wear On An Adventure Trip

By Allie Almario

Photo Credit: David Johnson

At Premier Tours, we’ll always send you useful information to help you prepare for your destination.  We’ll provide a detailed itinerary with emergency contact information, a suggested packing list, and lots of important tips that’ll ensure you’re ready for your upcoming adventure wherever you are headed.

For many of our cultural and hiking tours to South America, we will send you a packing list which we frequently fine-tune with our personal recommendations and traveler’s tips. You probably already know to layer your clothing to prepare for different temperature variances from low altitude to high altitude, but what else makes sense?

Lightweight clothes that breathe well are easy to find in sport and camping stores. They’re often described as “expedition” type clothing that wick well. What does that exactly mean?  The textiles are designed to quickly absorb body moisture and sweat, then dry as fast as possible.  In addition, they may have built-in SPF protection from the sun, weigh next to nothing and don’t wrinkle.

Lightweight wicking cloth
Lightweight clothes that breathe well are often best for adventure trips.

Hats are also important. If you are anywhere near the Equator, remember that the sun can be stronger than almost anywhere else on the earth, even on a cloudy day. Wide-brimmed hats will protect your face and your bare neck. Hint: Sunscreen is probably a good idea. And of course, a hat with chin straps can be particularly useful if you are on board a short boat trip. No one wants to have to ask the boat crew to circle back to rescue a baseball cap that’s floating in a lake or an ocean!

Deciding on the right pair of shoes for your trip can always be a daunting challenge. Whether they’re for city walking in the trendy neighborhoods of Buenos Aires or for heading up Incan hiking trails, comfortable shoes are a must. Choose a pair that are well broken in and you know will fit you well.  Spending time on a trip tending to painful blisters and achy feet is never fun.  Pack appropriate socks to help cushion your feet – and throw in an exta pair of clean socks in your suitcase. They take up no room (smart travelers stuff them in shoes!). And never forget at least a few band-aids, Moleskin and anti-biotic cream in case you do need it. In the Galapagos, strappy shoes like Tevas, Keens and Chacos work well as you go from shore to trails, help protect you from sharp lava rocks and provide good traction.

Strappy shoes / Sandals
Strappy shoes like Tevas, Keens and Chacos work well as you go from shore to trails.

As we all know, adventure travel is not just limited to the young. For older women, capris are a great option for protection and coverage.  Some double -duty long pants are designed to be rolled up or can zip off to magically turn into shorts. While some of these clothes may be an expensive investment, they’re usually well made and will last over years on your worldwide travels.

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