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Sunset from a cruise ship deck in the Galapagos - ways to save money in the Galapagos
Sunset from the deck of a cruise ship in the Galapagos

At Premier Tours, we are very proud to provide all of our travelers with up-to-date information to make sure your preparations for your adventure goes perfectly. One of our most popular questions is how you can save money in the Galapagos, a destination that is notoriously known for its highly expensive travel costs due to its remoteness.


The more flexible your travel dates, the more choices you’ll have if you are interested in specific ships or types of ships.  When we check for availability on cabin space, it’s best to give us at least a two to three-week window in a month.

If you decide you’re willing to travel during less popular times, you might find that off-season rates are attractive reasons to book a Galapagos cruise.  For example, the end of August and into September are often the quieter months. Children are heading back into school and the summer season is ending. Waters can be choppy and less ships are available since lots of ships go into dry dock for refurbishments as required by law.

Other off-season dates are just after Thanksgiving into the first 2 weeks of December, up to December 15.  Americans tend to hunker down at home between the big holidays.

And finally, most travelers prefer to be back at work after Christmas and New Year’s by the first week of January.  If you can moveyour holiday break from about January 5th to the 15th, that time frame can be a slow period for bookings, even though it’s the start of summer in the Galapagos.


Perhaps you’re the kind of traveler who prefers to spend most of your time on board the ship on the public outdoor decks, enjoying fresh ocean breezes, enjoying a drink, looking for dolphins, socializing with friends in the lounge.

Consider choosing the least expensive cabin on an upscale ship – what you’ll sacrifice in cabin size, smaller windows and below deck locations might be a small price to pay if you’ll still indulge in the same incredible wildlife experience as everyone else, including public amenities and shared luxuries such as fine dining choices, onboard jacuzzis, wetsuits and snorkeling gear.


We receive weekly updates on ship availability which might include unpublished special discounted rates or offers.  Some dates may provide incentives such as free hotel nights, free Galapagos airfare or major discounts different dates throughout the year.

Again, the more flexible your dates, the more you can save!

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