Four Amazing Peru Destinations

By Allie E. Almario

4 Great Destinations in Peru - Lake Titicaca

Can’t decide where to go to in Peru? Here are some of the most in-demand highlights of Peru, known for its amazing Incan history, culinary offerings and colorful culture.


The largest city in Peru and its capital, Lima is the entry point for most arriving international guests.  Save a day to spend with your private guide to enjoy some of the most highly acclaimed museums in South America, including the Larco with its jaw-dropping collection of gold artifacts.  And as one of the gastronomic hubs in the continent, you’ll find some of the top chefs have created culinary experiences raved over by Gordon Ramsay and Anthony Bourdain. You’ll find its mild climate similar to San Francisco. We love the Miraflores district, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is home to some of the most beautiful boutique hotels in the city.

Sacred Valley:

Better known as Valle Sagrado, anyone heading to Machu Picchu should demand at least an overnight here. If you are coming 12 miles away from Cusco, its lower elevation (9,800 feet) will help you adjust to the Andes. Some of the must-see Incan sites include Ollantaytambo with its impressive terracing, the vibrant market centers of Pisaq and Chinchero, and the salt pools of Maras, an Instagram-worthy photo stop.

Machu Picchu:

No trip to Peru is complete without seeing Machu Picchu, the legendary Incan citadel perched on the east slopes of the Vilcanota mountain range. Its elevation is surprisingly only 8,000 feet.  Timed entrances ensure crowd control.  We recommend an overnight here and if you prefer warmer temperatures, dry season is from April to October.

Lake Titicaca:

The highest navigable lake in the world and the largest lake by volume in South America.  Make sure you’re well acclimated by the time you arrive here since its elevation is just over 12,500 feet.  One of the most interesting facts about Lake Titicaca are the floating islands of Uros, man-made islands created out of layers of a buoyant reed. The islands are constantly replenished with the weeds by its inhabitants to keep them floating.

As always, if you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask our Peru experts at Premier Tours.

And don’t forget the Peru travel tidbit essentials:

US citizens do not require a special visa to travel to Peru for short trips. A passport is required to have at least six months of validity beyond your anticipated return date.  We will always ask for a copy of the photo page of your current passport to make sure this requirement is met.

A favorite website we recommend to look up current weather forecasts in Peru:

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