Three Reasons To Go To The Amazon

By Allie Almario

 1. YOU LOVE ADVENTURE.  It’s not easy to get to the Amazon. No matter which eco-lodge you choose to stay in, inevitably your transport to get there will involve a small plane flight and a few hours of riding along the Amazon River in a motorized canoe to reach your final destination.  Daily birding hikes in pristine private or national reserves will involve waking up at pre-dawn hours, and you’ll have to be prepared to deal with flying insects and high humidity.  After all, you’re in the rainforest!

On the plus side, you’ll find yourself climbing above the tree canopy to watch sunsets from 100-foot tall observation tower, swinging from jungle vines, fishing for piranha or giant catfish for dinner, or even canoeing among caimans in river tributaries.

2. YOU LOVE WILDLIFE.  What’s not to love? The joy of checking off up to 50 or more different bird species over the span of a few days. Nighttime safaris to look for evidence of the elusive jaguar. Searching for playful giant river otters or giant capybaras, the world’s largest rodents. Beautifully colored tiny poison dart frogs.


3. YOU LOVE SMALL GROUP TRAVEL. Most lodges have a guest to guide ratio of between 10 to 12 travelers per guide.  This ensures that you can approach wildlife quietly, without disturbing them. The intimacy of small groups often means much more personal interaction with your guide, who will provide a wealth of wildlife knowledge during your stay.

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