How To Plan Your Dream Trip To The Amazon

By Allie E. Almario A popular destination for adventure travelers is the Amazon rainforest, which occupies a huge swath of South America (nine countries) and offers some of the most exciting wildlife viewing opportunities in the world.  On a daily basis, you may find yourself birdwatching at dawn, hiking through pristine reserves, or canoeing along mangroves looking for giant river otters or capybaras, the world’s largest rodents. Feeling lucky? Try your hand at...
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Sunrise over Machu Picchu

How To Plan A Dream Trip To Machu Picchu

By Allie E. Almario As Travel + Leisure’s Top Travel Advisor or Peru, I’m happy to share some of my favorite tried and true recommendations for designing the perfect dream trip to Machu Picchu. There are so many different recommendations that choosing the right time of year to go, how much time to spend at the ruins, and where to stay while exploring the area can be overwhelming. Let’s break down the basics. 1. When to go High or peak season for Peru is May to October,...
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GAL_Genovesa_Sea Lion being moved_Allie Almario-cu

Our Favorite Galapagos Visitor Sites Part 3

By Allie E. Almario What’s our favorite Galapagos visitor sites? Oh, there are so many scattered throughout the archipelago’s 13 major islands! But don’t worry, no matter what sailing itinerary you’re on, the Galapagos National Park has already done a terrific job of choosing the best visitor sites for the optimum wildlife viewing and landscape diversity. Even better, they limit the number of passengers who can disembark at each visitor site, ensuring that there are...
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Cactus on Fernandina - Our Favorite Galapagos Visitor Sites Part 2

Our Favorite Galapagos Visitor Sites Part 2

By Allie E. Almario Our Galapagos expert Allie Almario, who’s traveled to these islands close to 20 times, admits to having a few personal favorite visitor sites. Of course, every visitor site is already hand-picked by the Galapagos National Park for its wildlife or landscape diversity, so there are no “bad” visitor sites. You’ll always be guaranteed a great experience no matter what islands your ship sails to on its itinerary. Here is the second round of some of her...
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