Best Time To Go To The Galapagos

Photo Credit – Galapagos Safari Camp

By Allie Almario

There is never a bad time to travel to the Galapagos. No matter when you go, something is always happening with the wildlife. The hilarious courting behavior of blue-footed boobies is often seen in May on North Seymour Island.  In July, you’ll have the best chance to see whales and dolphins, especially off the western coast of Isabela Island.  Sea lions begin giving birth in September. December is the start of the warm season and giant tortoise eggs begin hatching.

There are actually two high seasons. The first high season occurs when our winter is summertime in the southern hemisphere, so from DECEMBER TO MARCH, the air and water temps are the warmest. While it might be a bit rainy, it does cool off the temperatures and rarely does the weather affect daily excursions.

The second high season is JUNE TO AUGUST, a popular time for many families. While air temps are still very comfortable, most noticeably water temperatures will be cooler so shorty wetsuits are recommended.

Because you’re on the Equator, remember to protect your skin with strong sunscreen no matter when you go.

Prone to seasickness?  Think ahead and bring motion sickness prevention meds, just to be on the safe side. Avoid August and September when the water can be a bit choppier.

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